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Echoes in Eternity

When I woke up that morning and found out he was gone, I wasn’t shocked. He’d been sick for a long time. The cancer had been slow to build but quick to take hold. But in the few months leading up to it, I didn’t take the time to see him, to connect with him the way we had done for so long. Our long nights of existential discussions had faded into our young adulthood. 

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Not Real

Recognition for service is often met with humility, as if we don’t deserve to be shown appreciation for our efforts. It’s a story we allow others or even ourselves to be real instead of what IS real.

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From Both Sides

What currently is, is. You don’t think about the fact it won’t last forever, because nothing does. But by the time you realize what is has now become what was, it’s too late to really savor it. And the moment has brought about something entirely new: the future.

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