Plumb (ADV.)

To a complete degree; absolutely.

Creative (ADj./n.)

Having imaginative or original ideas resulting in the production of an artistic work; a creative professional.


Brand Strategy & Refinement

Consistent voice and style for your personal or corporate brand is essential. 

Together, we work to clearly define-- or refine-- your brand through asset management (logo, color palette, social media platforms) and proofing of marketing content (advertisements, images, brochures, cards, etc.).

Additionally, I can help you get and stay organized throughout the life of your project by providing personalized tools and workflow recommendations.

Squarespace Websites

Whether you are looking to launch or re-develop your website, Squarespace offers a beautiful, modern all-in-one solution for personal, corporate, or e-commerce, often at fraction of the cost of other hosting services.

As a Squarespace Circle member, I can help you make the most of your website, from new development to a current site audit. Other services include social media integration and client off-boarding, if you would like to manage and update the site yourself (with Squarespace, it's easy!). 

Professional Writing

Aside from understanding the difference between affect and effect, a good writer knows the elements of style, and how to best use them. It may not seem like much, but having the wrong words could be detrimental to your project, your campaign, even your business. 

From technical writing and creative copy, to "slash and burn" editing, I strive to ensure the content you need is accurate, clear, and professional.

For information on ghostwriting and memoir services (including photo restoration), please visit Story/Book Co.

Plumb Creative is committed to providing exceptional service that is tailored to fit specific needs. Because each project is a reflection of the unique individual or business, the first step is to set up a complimentary consultation to receive an accurate price quote.  As a veteran-owned business, I am proud to offer discounted rates to military families.


Julie Kanta is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Plumb Creative. With an extensive background in creative and professional writing as well as visual design, Julie subscribes to the philosophy of "follow the rules like a pro, and break them like an artist,” and strives to provide expertly crafted content and unique inspiration to other creatives.

Starting with designing her own newsletters as a kid to learning darkroom photography in high school, Julie has sought to develop her skills as a creative professional from a very young age. She has used the Adobe Creative Suite since 2006, and strives to stay current in her knowledge and application by attending their annual conference Adobe MAX since 2014. Always pursuing growth and education, Julie's commitment to providing the best service possible is fueled by her passion for creativity.

Julie became an Oregonian at age 9, and shortly thereafter began writing poetry. She has spent most of her life traveling to Europe, particularly her mother’s homeland of Denmark, as well as living in Germany during her time in the Air Force. She has been a graphic and web designer since 2008, and in 2014 she completed a Bachelor of Science in English with a focus on professional writing. Julie enjoys living in the lush wine region of Southern Oregon with her husband, two teenage sons, and Golden Retriever.

To learn more about Julie's skills and professional experience, find her on LinkedIn