December Obsessions: Dripping With Nostalgia

My little guy at 2 years old, 2005.

My little guy at 2 years old, 2005.

This time of year, it’s easy to be nostalgic. How interesting it can be to look back on a time when you were looking ahead. With photos of your kid’s chubby cheeks making you weepy and Bing Crosby longing for a White Christmas, you may find yourself overwhelmed by sentiment. It’s why we have so many traditions, like making the same meals or hanging the same ornaments on the tree. This month, I’ve discovered some new ways to enjoy the feelings of times gone-by.

Christmas Radio

Every year it seems like I put my Christmas playlist on repeat for a month. Recently, however, I discovered Soma FM. It’s a free internet radio with some really interesting stations. Like Christmas Lounge— classics remixed with a vibe that can only be described as… groovy. It’s like the space age of the ‘50s for Christmas music. My husband describes it as, “the greatest thing ever.” 

I’ve also really been enjoying the Swingin’ Holiday radio station on Apple Music. From Tony Bennet to Miles Davis, it’s bringing a whole new level of mid-century holiday feels into my home.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

And speaking of mid-century style… this show. I haven’t seen a show this good, this smart, clever, and gorgeous in I don’t know how long. The casting is outstanding (Tony Shalhoub is my favorite.. I mean, isn’t he everyone’s?), the costumes are spectacular, the writing is just, well, Emmy-winning. So funny. So adorable. Makes me want to dress up in pearls and curl my hair. Well worth getting Amazon Prime just to watch this show. I’m in the midst of Season 2 as we speak. Totally obsessed with it.

Almond Steamer

I moved to the hometown of Dutch Bros. right around the time they opened their first little cart in the heart of Grants Pass. When I was a kid, I loved getting treated to an Almond Steamer— steamed milk with almond flavored syrup. I now associate it with the cold season here. 

So when my husband and I were downtown for this month’s First Friday, I suddenly found myself craving the nostalgia of this drink. Almond flavor is one of - if not my absolute favorite - taste, and the hot milk reminds me of sleepless nights when my mom would make it for me to help me go back to bed. As we walked around my small town of twenty-odd years, the warmth and joy in that blue-lidded cup took me right back to being 9 years old. I may or may not be getting them every other day now.


In trying to capture all the beauty of this life as it so quickly passes us by, I occasionally have to remind myself to pay attention to the little things. So I decided to take a photo a day in December, not only to capture moments that make each day special, to give my future self a window into this time of my life, but as a creative project to keep myself inspired. Follow along on my Instagram!

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