Spring Obsessions: Poets, Heroes, and Spa Days

Spring is in full swing, and the last couple of months have been full of changes. It's easy to be busy in the everydayness of life, so here's a little glimpse into what's occupying my time, and how I've been making space for enjoyment and self-care.

23 Days of Shakespeare

April 23 is considered William Shakespeare's birthday, as well as the day he died. Every April I try to think of some fun ways to put my Shakespeare Studies minor to good use. This year, I decided to post some Bard-related stuff on my Facebook page every day from April 1 to the 23rd. Hence, #23daysofShakespeare. From infographics of insults and character deaths to videos, artwork, and quotes, I shared some of my favorites as well as new discoveries, and even a few of my own original pieces. Since April also happens to be National Poetry Month, I threw in a few sonnets and poetry-themed posts as well. 

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Marvel Marathon

During Spring Break, I went to see Captain Marvel with my son (who's been a big Marvel fan for awhile). I realized with Avengers: Endgame so close at hand, it may be time for a refresher on the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline. So I asked my kiddo if we should attempt watching the entire MCU in chronological order in time for its big finale (of course he agreed). My plan was to keep track of the key plot points (especially since having seen all these movies scattered about over the past 11 years) so that I could fully understand who was what and what was where. I got a giant piece of art paper and my watercolor markers, and we began our timeline. Today, it was completed (don’t worry, no spoilers here).

Viewer's Note: I do recommend watching Iron Man 3 before Thor: The Dark World as I felt it needed to be closer in its connection with The Avengers. And in case you’re wondering which one is my favorite… always has been, and still is Iron Man.


Simon Sinek

Amidst all the movie-watching, I've been working on growing and developing aspects of Plumb Creative, in terms of business and brand development. I have a ton of resources that I love, but one of my favorites is Simon Sinek and Start With Why. Lately I've been watching his Facebook videos and going through his book Find Your Why. Every nugget of wisdom is so inspiring and life-changing. While watching this video I realized that “start with why” isn't a concept that you do once and move forward. It's an idea that needs to be at the beginning of every single thing we do, each time we start anything. It's more of a foundation than a starting line, and everything moves outward from it. If you haven't become familiar with this idea yet, check out Simon Sinek's TED talk, and I guarantee you'll want to know more.


Sunday Spa Days

With all the changes occurring in life and in the seasons, I've been finding ways to give myself a day off each week where I put away the ToDo lists and just do the things I want. A little time with my family, for myself, to rest and rejuvenate (and catch up on Marvel movies). So I began incorporating Sunday spa days. I make use of my awesomely remodeled bathroom and have my own little routine, which can vary depending on what new face mask I want to try or skin issue I might be having. But I usually incorporate this incredible new thing I'm obsessed with: the jade roller. I know it seems kind of ridiculous, but the first time I took this lovely little tool out of the freezer and used it on my skin, it was incredibly refreshing. It's like a mini massage for your face.

I hope this spring season you have been finding ways to enjoy the fun things in life, get inspired, and practice a little self-care. Feel free to share some of your ideas with me!

“For man is a giddy thing.”

William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

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