Obsessions: What I'm Loving Right Now

I’ve been mulling the idea of “Obsessions” for awhile, a regular series of what I’m crazy about at the moment. What I’m listening to, a movie that made an impact (because I watch a lot of them), places I’ve been or want to go, a book I’m loving, and other fun things around the inter webs that inspire me. Being creative means needing inspiration, so why not cultivate it by sharing? So here we go!

The Colourist :: One nice thing about having a fifteen year old is that he keeps me in the loop about current music trends. I’ve been listening to this fun self-titled glittery album quite a bit this past week, loving the blended male/female vocals, clever lyrics and melodies, and well, the fact that the female lead vocalist is also the drummer supplying some great rhythms!

Exodus: Gods and Kings :: In honor of Passover and Easter, I watched Ridley Scott’s latest epic and was pleasantly surprised. It’s difficult to do any kind of Bible story, but I admired the take: history over mythology. Moses wasn’t put up on some pedestal like a holy savior, but rather he was portrayed as a man who must redefine his entire identity, and acts of God were played off as extreme acts of nature. Plus the opening fight scene reminds us of Scott’s mastery of epic battles (think Gladiator).

Dot & Bo :: I am crazy about Danish design and Mid-Century mod. This lifestyle site has me drooling over all kinds of furniture, decor, and remodel ideas, including ways to make my backyard a place that might actually might make me long for some warm weather!

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up :: I have always loved the ancient principles and style of Japanese culture. For ages, I’ve tried to come up with a good way to rid myself of all these belongings that seem to just sit in my home, ignored, while finding a good way to properly organize and enjoy what is left. This book by Marie Kondo is exactly what I’ve been looking for, reminding me that I shouldn’t be deciding what to get rid of, but what to keep. I just finished reading it and plan to implement the Japanese art of tidying in my home soon. I’ll let you know if it really is as life-changing as she says, but so far it is!

Norwex :: Speaking of cleaning my house, this incredible line of silver-infused microfiber products has completely changed the way I think about home maintenance. Using nothing but water or one of the enzyme cleaning solutions, I can rid my home of dirt, dust and bacteria without any harsh smells or unhealthy chemicals. It’s not magic, it’s science.

So this is the stuff I’m raving about this week. We’ll see if this turns into a regular deal or not (maybe a little Friday Fun Stuff?) and if the format changes a bit. Happy weekend!

ObsessionsJulie Kanta