SDCC '18

In case you missed it, the 49th official Comic Con International was last week in San Diego. While I have family who lives in the area and has attended for several years, this was my first time going. My younger son was lucky enough to go last year for his first time, and despite how massively crowded it is, raved about how amazing it was, so I decided I too would get on the list for the ticket lottery.

If you aren't familiar at all with SDCC, it's THE comic convention, four packed days when big names in the business come for panel discussions and appearances, and "Comic Con Exclusives" are coveted by collectors. It's also completely random who can attend. See, you have to register for a member ID, then be poised at your computer browser at a certain date and time in hopes your ID will be lucky enough to get selected for passes. This year, our group was only able to score Thursday and Sunday, which was of course better than nothing! And certainly, it did live up to the hype.

So, here are a few of my favorite moments from SDCC 2018.