all i want in Life


a place on the ocean with windows so big the outside feels in

walls covered with reminders of places i’ve been and people i love

a trusted furry friend of the canine variety

my own personal library always with room for more books and a comfy spot to read, preferably by the window overlooking that ocean

more days with rain than without

good food and wine. and afternoon tea/coffee time

every night, my dyne

never to feel rushed, or accused

a big wood fireplace

to see my children live, fully, well, and beyond me

never to grow tired (or run out of) Legos

to always be as in love with the Love of my life as i have been, and more

the movies

to visit Alaska, New Zealand, Greece, New England in Autumn, Japan

to re-visit London, Scotland, Italy, New York. and my mother’s-land of Denmark, often

empathy. for others, from others

courage and strength to carry on

graceful aging

words, the will to write them, the inspiration to make them worth reading

slow mornings and late nights

continual education

a car i love to drive


a good (comfortable) wardrobe

never to be imprisoned

good loud music

to feel like the best version of myself

significance over success