London, 2000

Millenium Wheel.jpg

like young lovers,
you held me in your arms
the shortest of time.
with everything new,
exploration of passion defined each morning.
i discovered a secret of yours
with every corner i rounded,
each bridge i crossed,
every sight i beheld.

like young lovers,
your memory haunts my heart,
the sounds of you echoing
against its cavern walls.
years pass leaving the portrait i’ve painted of you
in my mind untainted,
yet neither of us are the same.
i became who i am because of you.

like young lovers,
i long to drown in your beauty
once more, with all the splendor and greatness
sealing me in against vast eternity
like a tomb in the Abbey.

like young lovers,
we shared a spark of infatuation,
of obsession and fire,
unable to be extinguished.
an undeniable bond,
there will never be another for me
as you were, so long ago.

Write as RainJulie Kanta