Anniversary , 2002. Ink. ©Julie Kirsten Kanta

Anniversary, 2002. Ink. ©Julie Kirsten Kanta

From the Bottom

The title, “Anniversary” was chosen because I began this drawing on September 11, 2002. The hands are symbolic of all the people who lifted hands in prayer over the loss of human life. They also represent the strength and support the American people showed for the city. 

The letters PA, for Pennsylvania, are filled with flames from the crashes, and are hugged by the number 93, the flight which crashed in the countryside. Inside the 9 is a human eye, open after being blind and ignorant. 

Directly above, is the left leg of the letter N. Between the two legs of the N is another N. In the second leg is the letter E. The letter Y follows, holding the letter O in its cup, and a small W between its leg and the N. The letter C to the right is outlined by a lower case R. The large letters therefore spell NYC and the smaller letters hidden in the larger ones spell out New York. 

The number one follows the C, its point the middle ray of a setting sun. Its base begins with a shooting star to the right of the eye. A seven is to the right, followed by 5, hidden in the blackness. Flight 175 was the flight to hit the South Tower. To the left of the N are 911. The 11 is also the Twin Towers, one including a small flame, giving one a candle effect, which can also be seen as the antenna. The smoke clouds above the nine give the effect of the two buildings burning. Outlining the nine is the letter C, and to the left of that is the letter T, leading down to a large teardrop. The tear is symbolic of loss, love and sorrow. Coming off the T is right leg of the letter W, which has a wavy middle leg. These are the initials for the World Trade Center.  

The left leg of the W gives way to a stripe of the American flag.  Directly underneath the W is the number 11, the flight which crashed into the North Tower. A pair of wings, a symbol of freedom, divides the number. The left wing outlines a giant eye, which symbolizes protection. Above the W, coming out of the flag, is a large star outlined by a large C. Inside of the C is the circle of the letter D. The leg of the letter D leads to a small pentagon, and is also the top of the number 7.  The dash in the middle of the first seven is the top to the second seven. This is for Flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D. C. The two sevens are also rays of the setting sun.  

Above the flowing rays of the sun is a crescent moon, sitting in a black, wispy night. The sun and moon symbolize that time will come and time will pass, no matter what each day brings. To the left of the moon are the letters in wispy form, USA. The U leads into one star of many of the American flag. The middle of the drawing, the letters and numbers, were drawn to give the effect of the New York City skyline, thus the waves of the harbor on the right. 

This memorial was drawn for the purpose of cherishing love, promoting peace, remembering life, appreciating each day, in honor and respect for those who so innocently died.

Visual ArtJulie Kanta