Mantras, Motherhood, and 80s Mod

I haven't obsessed in months. Well that's not true, I just haven't been obsessing over much worth writing about. With my favorite season just around the corner, though, the smell of change is in the air, and I'm discovering new things, new ideas, and fresh perspectives.

Mantras & Meditation :: My meditation journey began a couple of months ago when I began to search for ways to alleviate stress, let go of anger, and be more patient. Kris Carr's meditation album is perfect for any time of day, and offers a variety of healing and relaxation tracks. Tiny Devotions has an assortment of mala beads (I chose the Strength mala), including bracelets and other beautiful soul-searching essentials. I started using the Daily Greatness 12-Week Rocking Fit journal which provides a spot for daily affirmations. But despite my lofty goals of meditating two to three times a day, I wasn't consistent in the practice. Then last week I stumbled across The Journey Junkie (thank you, Pinterest) and decided to commit to 40 days of meditation that would end on my 35th birthday, where hopefully my mantra of "I am at peace" will manifest into my every day chaos.

Bad Moms :: Speaking of chaos... School started back up last week for my two boys (11th and 8th grade.. whAT?!) and that means full-blown adjustments to schedules, wardrobes, hairstyles, etc. As I plunge into a new routine, determined to do better at being more involved and encouraging my kids, I find myself chuckling at the hysterical moments of this summer's comedy Bad Moms (which I saw in the theater twice, that's how frickin' hilarious it is). If you liked The Hangover at all, you'll love this. I mean, just SO. DAMN. FUNNY. and cute and true (because of course moms who are gonna drink and party on a school night will still be home by 11). One thing about being a parent, you have to know you'll make mistakes, you have to let yourself be raw and imperfect, and for the really tough days, you just gotta let that shit go (hence, the meditation). Oh, and as a bad mom, I've totally started swearing more. IDGAF.

Reyka Vodka :: I've always been a Ketel One girl. Until I stumbled upon this elegant bottle and thought I'd give it a try. This small batch vodka must truly be what pure ice tastes like. It's insanely smooth. Dare I say, it's perfect. Which makes it dangerous. But hey, for those Bad Mom moments, it's a dream come true.

80s MOD  :: My son (the 8th grader) decided he needed these silver chrome high-tops with LED soles. While they are still the craziest shoes I've ever seen, I'm starting to get into the look, an 80s Mod thing. I sort of invented this term, I guess, but basically it refers to modern style inspired by 80s futurism. I've been describing it as Blade Runner meets Miami Vice, or cyberpunk meets glam rock. Think dark, bold pink and blue neon, chrome and LEDs. Sexy. I can't explain why I'm suddenly obsessed with curating this style, but I think it has to do with the music I've had on repeat for awhile now: The 1975, St. Lucia, Chvrches, The Griswolds, Walk the Moon... groups that have revived the 80s pop sound with such a clear, modern twist that I can't seem to get enough of.

It all seems like an ironic mix of something bold and daring that is practically the opposite of what I'm going for with my meditations. But finding peace within, I think, also has to start with feeling like you're a badass. So that's where I'm at, I guess: an 80s child who just wants to be a zen badass mom.

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