Shine On

I don’t like using the term “resolutions” in regard to the New Year. It gives no sense of flexibility, instead, a sense of finality. The New Year is a beginning, not a final chapter. No, I prefer to set goals, to make myself lists of ways to improve life. And honestly, it’s not often I do so, for fear that whatever I set myself up to do, I may fail.

This year, I think, will be different, because, while I think this is everyone’s ultimate goal, I have the desire to improve life. People “resolve” to lose weight, eat better, do more things for others, etc. and while I’ve added these things to my list of goals as well, I have a primary goal in mind: to make every day count, make it extraordinary, to do the best I can at all my responsibilities, to live as though today is all there is. To shine on.

Sure, I need to lose some weight, I need to exercise and eat healthier, so my body doesn’t ache, so that I can physically feel the best I can. And that’s a big goal. And of course, I need to do better at spending less, budget more, keep my house clean and organized, and all that. Yes, those things will make life better. But I need to make life extraordinary, not just clean. 

I need to spend better time with my boys, teaching them things of value, how to grow up to live extraordinary lives themselves. I need to spend more time exercising my creative muscles, writing and designing and photographing. I want to take advantage of opportunities that arise to travel, to see a concert, to go to a party, to cultivate new friendships.

I’ve written my list of goals, come up with a few ideas to succeed. For example, I’ve created another Tumblr blog called {365} in which I will take and post a photograph every day for the entire year. I’ve made plans to attend a celebration of Robert Burns’ birthday at a British pub (just like I did 11 years ago in London). I’m making myself a schedule to be in my new design studio, giving myself the space and time to work and create. I’m going through my household possessions, cleaning out closets and going through toys; lightening the load and ridding my home of things we just don’t need, in order to make room for things of sentimental value. I’d love to make a visit back to Denmark, and while I’m there this time, get over to Norway to see some fjords. I’m making grand plans for my 30th birthday in the fall. And who knows? Maybe even start trying to add one more to the family.

There is so much I want to do, so many ways I plan to make this year, and the rest of my life, better. Hopefully I can shine on through to the end of Twenty-Eleven.