Summer Obsessions: From Madison Avenue to Abbey Road

I’m all about vintage 60s and the British Invasion these past couple of months. Feels like everything inspiring me right now is throwback: from Mad Men and the music of The Beatles, to the Mini Cooper.. here’s what’s on my list for a fab summer of love.


Mad Men

I came in a little late to this show, and I’ll admit it took awhile to really get good. But seasons 3 and 4 really started to intrigue me, and the more it moved through the entire decade of the 1960s the more obsessed I got. It’s an exceptionally honest perspective of an often-glamorized era. Everything about this show now has me watching: from the style of hair, clothes and especially decor (I now am in search of a retro bar cart for my office), to the music and genius moments of marketing and creative direction. British bit: Jaguar and the tragedy of Lane Pryce.


I’ve always been a vodka girl, and I absolutely love Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, but lately I am really loving my bourbon cocktails. Like to the point of craving the sweetness of cranberry with the smokey depth of this specialized whiskey. I’m discovering after several years of dabbling in a variety of bourbon that my hubby will bring home, that Woodford Reserve is my favorite. Maybe because it’s the classic Derby staple (and you know how much I love horses), but it’s kind of my current obsession. And perfect for those evenings when binge-watching Mad Men.


Richard Curtis and Danny Boyle’s film set in modern Britain looks at the music of The Beatles in an entirely unique and beautiful way. While it isn’t set in the 60s, Yesterday is full of songs from the greatest band of the decade (all time?). It’s beautifully done, funny and smart, and totally makes you wonder if you would be able to remember all the lyrics to some of the most iconic songs ever made. Do yourself a favor and see it in the theater before it’s gone. (It also happens to feature the next Obsession on my list…)

MINI Cooper

When I lived in London, I knew someone with a classic 60s vintage MINI and always thought it’d be cool to have. Even the modern version now produced by BMW was intriguing but I never gave it serious thought. Until I drove one. Now I am constantly on the search for my own, a first-gen Cooper S that I can deck out with Union Jack accents and get my total British invasion 60s swagger on. 

*More things that are either vintage 60s/British-inspired that I’m totally loving right now (and always): Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (the latest Tarantino flick), Austin Powers, Daniel Craig (Bond is most definitely retro), Pink Floyd, my Triumph leather motorcycle jacket, and reminiscing about my days studying poetry in London while planning my 40th birthday British road trip.

And here’s a fun fact: The name Plumb Creative is inspired by British vernacular for “totally.”

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