How I Plan to Calm the #*%! Down

  1. Listening to Dave Matthews Band amps me up in a good way, gets my head groovin. Make a Feel Good playlist.
  2. Deep breathing really does work. But only in a clean-air environment (i.e. stay in Oregon).
  3. My brain is full of gray, gooey matter. In other words, it’s full of shit. It likes to keep me awake when I would prefer to go to sleep, and it likes to tell me things that aren’t true (like, you’re ordinary, you’re too tall, your hair will never look the way you want it to, you are a no-talent hack, etc). Stop listening.
  4. My husband is incredibly selfless and positive. I really shouldn’t feel guilty about that.
  5. I am a writer. There, I said it. It is okay for me to admit to being good at something. I should write something every day. It’s therapeutic (why do you think I’m doing this?).
  6. I have children. They can be annoying. They go to school. Other people’s children can be even more annoying. I don’t want to hear the stupid things the stupid kids said at school. I can’t do anything about it except feel annoyed.
  7. I’ve heard exercise is good for you. I hate to sweat, but apparently, I need to get over it. (Maybe I should actually move around while listening to my Feel Good playlist.)
  8. The only people I need in my life are the ones who need me in theirs. 
  9. God invented chiropractors and massage therapists for a reason.
  10. God invented wine for a reason.
  11. I’m Danish. Danes invented Legos. So we have a lot of Legos. They are fun to build. I should build more Legos.
  12. My Golden Retriever, Remy likes to go for walks. When he gets exercise, he doesn’t chew things like my favorite hat. If I take him for a walk, we both get exercise, then he doesn’t chew things, and I don’t stress out.
  13. I confess I am a perfectionist. I am pretty sure nothing is ever perfect, so I shouldn’t worry so much about trying to make it that way.
  14. Life is incredibly good. Make that a daily mantra.
  15. The road ahead is long. If I try to carry the past with me, it’s just going to get heavy and weigh me down. Let Go.
  16. I like to write lists (obviously). I have a list of things I love, things that make me happy. Print it out, hang it up and add something new, often.
  17. So much of the day is spent on a computer, a phone, hearing or reading the news, posting status updates or pictures, watching, seeing, tuning in and out. Unplug.
  18. Rule #32. Enjoy the little things.
  19. Laughter really is medicine. There is laughter and wisdom to be found in Calvin & Hobbes. Read more funny stuff. And look at funny pictures of cute puppies.
  20. It’s okay for people to believe something different than me. But since I believe in God, I should seek out his presence each day, if for no other reason than to remind myself that I am unique, beautiful, and loved. And for this reason, content.